The Law on Labor and Employment are changing every day to regulate labor relations. It is difficult for employers and employees to realize their rights and obligations in the workplace. Our lawyers are proud of having extensive experience of acting for individuals - employees and entrepreneurs and providing a practical and intelligent approach to labor and employment issues. We support useful advice in all matters of labor disputes from counsel regularly to institute cases at the Court.
Employers and employees come to us because we work quickly and efficiently to save time, money and unnecessary stress. We always attempt to resolve labor disputes outside the Court whenever possible. Besides, our attorneys have experience in representing clients in conciliating, bargaining at the Labour, War Invalids, and Social Affairs Committee Division and the Court. Our lawyers will guide you comply with the Labor and Employment Law and give the best advice in each particular circumstance.
Our advocates can support you in:
Compliance with the law on labor
Process of labor management
Labor contracts and Termination of labor contracts
The handling violations of labor discipline
Request labor dispute settlement by a court
For further information about Law on Labor and Employment and find out how we can help you by visiting us at SureLaw Law firm.


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