Rice exports hit US$2 bln

Thứ sáu - 04/10/2019 14:21

Viet Nam gained US$265 million from exporting 591,000 tons of rice in August, raising the total rice exports in eight months to 4.54 million tons, worth nearly US$2 billion, up 0.3% in quantity and down 14.9% in value compared the same period last year, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. 


Over the recent seven months of 2019, the Philippines took the lead in importing Viet Nam’s rice with US4589.4 million, accounting for 34.5%. 

Such markets witnessed high growths such as the Ivory Coast up 64.5%, Australia up 63.9%, Hong Kong (China) up 43.5%, Saudi Arabia up 31.3% and Iraq up 24.8%.  

Rice exports to the EU are expected to rise thanks to effects of the EU-Viet Nam Free Trade Agreement which will take effect in a near future. 

By Thuy Dung 
Source: www.chinhphu.vn

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