Marrige & Family

Marriage is the complicated and emotional relationship, which is the blending of two distinct personalities into one life. Our attorneys can help you understand the legality of marriage, as well as the rights and obligations that come along with it. With the office in Ho Chi Minh City, SURELAW provides essential legal services in all aspects of Marriage and Family Law for clients throughout Vietnam.

If you’re considering a divorce, you may have many questions about the division of property and the person directly raising children after divorce. The best option is to ask for the consultancy from our lawyers in SURELAW.
The firm's attorneys have the extensive experience so that they can support and handle many the problems of the clients. Besides, we understand the sensitive nature of this matters and try to keep the privacy of the clients.
The firm’s areas of expertise include:
The person directly raising children after divorce
The property division
The support level of parents toward children
Property protection
The financial payments
The agreement before marriage
Inherit property
For further information about Law on Marriage & Family and find out how we can help you by contacting us at SureLaw Law firm.


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  • Cheryl Lamiroy
    Hi there,
    I am writing on behalf of my brother who is married to a Vietnamese woman. They would like to divorce without my brother having to go back to Vietnam. I am looking for a law firm that can process the divorce for us. Please send me an email or call me at +32 470 67 10 39. I live in Belgium.

    Thank you.

      Cheryl Lamiroy   22/01/2020 19:40
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