Debt Collection

Our Debt Recovery Lawyers have vast experience in debt recovery claims. We are committed to offering a comprehensive, quick and cost-effective service for recovering the debts owed to you. In recent years, from the financial crisis to the economic downturn have damaged for business, especially, small or medium-sized enterprise.        
We can help you to operate a good credit control systems. Besides, we usually write the debt collection letter so that we can form debtors of the default payment and warn counterparts about eventual legal court actions. Furthermore, we also support to take steps to enforce the judgment. 
Our Debt Recovery Lawyers can support clients:
We could follow-up with your debtors- It is necessary to ensure that the information of the debtors is correct. You need to provide sufficiently and accurately address or information of the debtor’s residence/workplace.If you do not remember the debtor’s information and address, we can support to search for you. 
Collecting evidence- Our experts always focus on researching and analyzing the conditions for initiating lawsuits from the clients. They can advise and instruct for clients when the conditions for in ligating lawsuits are not fully satisfied. They perform the act in accordance with the authorization and inform the principal of such performance. They can collect materials and pieces of evidence when the clients need to be helped.
Sending the Demand Letter before legal action- The purpose of the demand letter is to formally demand payment and to let the recipient know the seriousness of the matter and that failure to make payment will result in legal action or collections. We hope that the recipient of the demand letter will decide to resolve the situation amicably and without involving the Courts.
Commencing Legal Proceedings - If the demand letter does not produce results, a lawsuit will contemplate. We have carefully thought out and devised a range of fixed-price services, including the cost of preparing a case for a court trial and the cost of litigation.  

Judgment Enforcement- The fact that you have a judgment. It only gives you the legal right. Therefore, the debtor can refuse to pay. In case, it’s probably time to call our debtor recovery lawyer. They can advise in bankruptcy settlement for the enterprise.  
For further information on Debt collection and find out how we can help you by visiting us at SureLaw Law Firm.


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