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We provide the establishment, administration, change, suspension part of or all of the business operations for clients. Additionally, we complete organizational structure, control internal risks relating financial, shares of the company and guide commercial franchise. According to each business, we commit to provide appropriate legal services and help your business more development with our solid support.

SureLaw and M&A team focus on developing business and trade department, we have a group of experienced professionals in Law on enterprises, labor, intellectual property, investment, and finance provide professional legal services. That helps to manage the business effectively, promote business operation and reduce the risk of administrative, civil and criminal offenses that may cause significant disadvantages for your business with other legal risks.

We have signed with legal consulting contracts for years. The main service targets are state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, securities trading organizations, financial institutions, foreign-invested business organizations, real estate enterprises as well as high-tech companies which grow faster and have business department more stable.

Our services as follows:


Establishing enterprises

- Establishing enterprises (none foreign investor);

- Establishing wholly foreign-owned enterprises;

- Establishing joint venture enterprises (both Vietnamese and foreign investors);

- Making outward investment registration of domestic enterprises.

Corporate governance:

- Designing business administration structures;

- Designing and optimizing internal control system;

- Assessing and preventing Legal risks;

- Managing contracts;

- Managing receivables;

- Resolving labor disputes;

- Consulting investment and corporate finance.

Merge and reorganization:

- Assessing legal;

- Designing implementation process;

- Making tax planning;

- Merging integration management and controlling risk;

- Consulting ownership rights transactions.

Commercial franchise activity:

- Selecting form of commercial franchise and plan of brand franchise;

- Consulting of establishing, operating and maintaining the franchise management system;

- Consulting of commercial franchise and chain of intellectual property rights;
- Joining in the implementation of the entire legal service for the participating traders.
Business bankruptcy:
- Consulting bankruptcy petition;
- Consulting composition related to bankruptcy;
- Reorganizing bankruptcy;
- Liquidating of bankruptcy assets;
- Protecting the creditors.


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