Dispute Resolution

With extensive experience in the areas of law, we work on civil, criminal, and commercial litigation as well as commercial arbitration.

As the client's lawful representative, we try to protect their legitimate rights and interests in complex cases in all stages of litigation from mediation and trial preparation to provisional emergency measures and on the appeal (if necessary).
We can assist you in all types of litigation, including the law on contract, commercial, enterprises, corporate finance, construction, environmental protection, insurance business, enforcement of civil judgments, tax, criminal, and marriage and family as well as lawsuits regarding any form of legal responsibility.
Our advocates can support you in:
Analyzing legal risks;
Carrying out mediation and trial preparation procedure;
Identifying the legal strategy;
Performing urgent procedures and prevention;
Representing at the Court and Commercial Arbitration;
Executing Court decisions and Arbitral awards.
Working closely with all our lawyers and our international partners, we can provide you with the most in-depth expertise in all areas of domestic and foreign law.


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