Intellectual Property

As technology develops, both the ideas and brands are generally recognized as a key asset for creating value for a business. That is the Intellectual Property of your business. The Intellectual Property must be protected and exploited to the maximum. Not only it sets your business apart from competitors but also makes your company successful. We business with any ‘’enterprise”, in the wide sense of that term, be it small, medium-sized or large. We will help and protect your Intellectual Property which is developed in parallel to the business. Therefore, your enterprise easier to get over many competitors.  

Our Law on Intellectual Property can consult and support for customers about the Intellectual Property Life Cycle including creations, protection, and registration through exploitation or a good buy.  

Brands & Trademark- We provide Viet Nam trademark registered service only; certificate of mark registration. Besides, we always protect your registered brand and trademark against infringement because your certificate of mark registration doesn’t guarantee you that your mark will never be infringed. Furthermore, we can assist with licenses and domain names registration when you need to be helped.

Copyright- We always help the customers when they seek advice all aspect of the copyright. We have business with many customers, for instance, authors, publishing companies, designers, musicians, photographers, web designers, software development companies, etc.

Trade secrets and a non- disclosure agreement

Unfair competition

Disputes over intellectual property

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