About Us

SureLaw is a law firm founded by experienced lawyers who provide in-depth consultancy on areas of law and business and individual disputes. That reflects high standards of professional practices, value, and integrity in SureLaw. Since our law firm inception, we have been building a reputation for practicing law to serve clients from different companies in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and other provinces.


At SURELAW, our first responsibility is to the law and you. Each strategy that we present to you comes from the process of cooperating and exchanging ideas between you and SURELAW members. The most important thing is that we listen to you as well as your concern.
Our services are designed to suit your needs, including consideration for the specific circumstances and your desired results. Our solutions are not “one size fits all” and our extensive clients, even large or small enterprises to individuals. We commit that we have the necessary experience to give you the helpful advice.


Over the years, we have consulted several significant legal issues and have acted substantially in the complicated procedure. There are some examples:
  • Consulting hundreds of services about establish, build up the legal framework, and resolve incurred issues during the operation of the enterprise.
  • Opposing Government agencies’ requirements about administrative procedures to be obtained licenses with a low-cost for clients.
  • Drafting many agreements on the matrimonial property under the Law on Marriage and Family that worth billions of VND.
  • Representing clients in initiating lawsuits relating to compensation upon land recovery which repealing the whole first-instance and appellate judgments to retry according to cassation decision of the Council of Judges of the Supreme People's Court.
  • Consulting and drafting commercial and service contracts for companies with over 200 employees.
Our company's approach base on four commitments that we consider necessary to protect our customers' interests better and to meet their expectations and needs:
•     An approach based on reality, communication and suitability;
•     High standard services, with an emphasis on accuracy, suitability, and creativity;
•     A credible relationship based on accessibility, availability, and responsiveness;
•     A transparent, adaptable and predictable invoice.
When you hire our company, we ensure that you get quality services that meet all commitments above.

An approach based on reality, communication and suitability

We maintain a simple and honest relationship with our customers, based on close cooperation and real-time information.
We support a pragmatic approach that meets the everyday needs of our customers and strives to ensure that they are suited to all needs and specific constraints of their business.
We start an affair with an initial consultation that allows us to determine your needs and expectations, to establish an initial analysis of your situation, and to determine what action needed to take.
We will then conduct a cost estimate and delay depending on the available options.
Relating to litigation, we will perform objective and realistic assessments of your chances of success and any risks you may encounter, all while supporting, if possible, a result of reconciliation satisfies the interests of both parties.

High standard services, with an emphasis on accuracy, suitability, and creativity

About legal advice and litigation, we assure you that we will provide quality services based on high expertise and specific knowledge of the business world.
We believe that our up-to-date knowledge and resources can apply the laws and available different legal techniques as a means of developing and optimizing business, enabling us to provide you with initial solutions that fit your needs.
Our stable international orientation allows us to work in English.
After all, we work as part of a network of legal experts both in Vietnam and abroad.

Be reliable, available, and responsive

When using our company's services, we assure that the same representative will track your case from start to finish, attend meetings and related litigations, attend court hearings, and handle any coercive action.

We provide the same local relationship, whether you are based in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi or anywhere else in Vietnam, with the same level of responsiveness available as soon as using our service.
All cases are the priority. We guarantee high levels of availability so that we can deal with your legal issues and answer your questions, and ensure that we will tell you about any new matters as soon as possible.
Adhering time is necessary. Therefore, we will anticipate tight deadlines, preparing you every step of the way for you to make decisions. In particular, we will send you all the paperwork for you, enough for you to take the time needed to make comments.

Transparency and predictability

Transparency and predictability are keys when we issue invoices. It is imperative that our clients be able to anticipate the cost of managing their case and be regularly informed of the work done on their behalf.
During the first consultation, we will conduct an assessment of the duration and cost of our intervention, depending on the nature of the need and the complexity of the case.
We will issue invoices regularly so that you can anticipate, and each invoice attached to a detailed description of the work done.
In particular cases, we offer a fixed cost depending on the nature and size of the lawsuit.