VN Food Expo 2018 to take place in November

Thứ hai - 23/07/2018 12:51

The event  is expected to attract about 450 exhibitors in the food processing industry.


Thousands of direct trade connection activities will take place at the Expo’s pavilions, helping participating businesses to directly meet partners at the event.

The Viet Nam International Food Technologies Exhibition (Foodtech 2018) will coincide with the hosting of Foodexpo 2018. 

Both events aim to accelerate technology transfer and improve productivity and added value in Viet Nam’s food processing industry by increasing the efficiency of trade promotion in the food industry.

In the coming time, the enforcement of new-generation free trade agreements and the dynamic development of the world economy are also expected to create new chances for Viet Nam’s food industry.

On the occasion, the organizing board will held a number of conferences and trade promotion programmes.

By Vien Nhu


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