Car imports up nearly 233%

Thứ sáu - 04/10/2019 14:12

Car imports over the recent eight months of 2019 witnessed an increase of 232.9% against the same period last year, according to the latest statistics of the General Department of Customs. 


In August, as many as 9,412 cars, worth nearly US$209 million were imported in Viet Nam, raising the total number of car imported in the country in eight months to 95,929, up 232.9% and 213.4% in terms of number and value, respectively. 


Thailand topped the list, exporting 4,266 cars to Viet Nam in August only and 56,792 ones over the recent eight months of 2019, valued at US$1.1 billion, making up more than 50%. 

Besides Thailand, Indonesia was also among Viet Nam’s largest car import markets with 28,169 ones, worth US$394 million. 

By Thuy Dung


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